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We are a small digital agency specialising in Drupal, Statamic & Laravel. We also use other technologies, such as VueJS, ReactJS & GraphQL.

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Some questions we are asked, frequently ;)

CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS allows content to be edited or added through editors and other simple fields. CMS systems are useful as they allow people with little to no online experience to still be able to input, create and change their website content.

We build all of our sites with the client in mind, to make it as easy as possible for them to edit, update and remove the content. We also give you the ability to add new pages, or sections to existing pages. Our packages cover an initial amount of pages that we build for you, then once the site is live, you can build and alter as many as you like.

We use a CMS called Statamic, which in-turn is built on a PHP framework called Laravel. Both of these have huge communities around them. Statamic uses a flat-file system which means there is no database required, but one can be added for any special requirements. This makes the sites run very quickly.

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